Wedding Quilts
I can make a wedding quilt for you from pictures you supply.
The quilt on the left was expanding borders of pictures with an added border (not shown) of signed handprints of the family.
The Double Wedding Ring Quilt on the right contains handwritten messages from family and friends.
To control the color, I made all the photos sepia. There are several sepia tints available.
I can make baby quilts for you with pictures of grandparents, parents, siblings, and messages as well.
The baby block would be perfect for a baby quilt. It will yield both an optical illusion as well as stars.
However, a favorite quilt block could also be used.

Wedding Quilt for Chris and Julia
Wedding Quilt for Chris and Julia
This quilt first gives the appearance of an oriental carpet. The entire quilt is made from childhood photos of the bride and groom. I made sure to get all the parents and favorite pets into the quilt.
Double Wedding Ring
Double Wedding Ring for Alesha and Peter
For this quilt I  included scanned handwritten messages from their friends and relatives. The sepia tone of the quilt gives it the appearance of age.

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