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Fall contains 185 pictures, including a spider web, tent caterpillars, and a box turtle. The many wildflowers that bloom in the fall add to the color feast that goes on all around us, including golden rod, witch hazel, purple asters, ironweed, snakeroot, sneezeweed, old manís beard (summer flowering clematis) lobelia and jewel weed, our faithful helper from the pain of stinging nettles and poison ivy (seen in the bottom left of fall). 

The dazzling show our mountains put on every fall draws thousands of visitors to the area. We are lucky that we get to see it unfold in all the nuances that most travelers miss. It is fun to watch fall come down from the mountaintops and spring climb up to the mountaintops. Likewise, we can drive to lower elevations and chase fall back to the edge of summer, just as in spring, we can drive to higher elevations and chase spring back to the edge of winter. Both endeavors produce the effect of driving backward or forward in time. The way the sun lights up the fall slopes in blazes that creep to the treetops as the sun sets are a special treat for us all.

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