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The 250 pictures of spring show our abundant wildflowers, and for the children, a box turtle, more tadpoles, frog eggs, an ant, a birdís nest and a rainbow. Roaring Fork Falls can be found in both summer and spring, and spring also features small creeks and waterfalls. 

Among the many wildflowers shown are Indian Pipe, Apple, Cherry, Dogwood and Japonica blossoms, Tulip Poplar, Buckeye, and Flame Azalea blossoms, Bloodroot, Rhododendron, Bleeding Heart, Squirrel Corn, Rue Anemone, Toothwort, Star Chickweed, pink and yellow Ladyís Slippers, Saxifrage (branch lettuce), Bluets, Mountain Laurel, Yarrow, Wild Geranium, Wild Phlox, Rattlesnake Plantain, Ramps, Trilliums, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Squaw Root, Sweet White Violets, Yellow Violets, Galax, Trout Lily, Mimosa blossoms, Queen Anneís Lace, Honeysuckle, Fringed Phacelia, Bishopís Cap, and Fiddlehead fern; Heal-all, Dandelion, Winter Aconite, Golden Ragwort, Showy Orchis, Solomonís Seal, Wild Iris, and some I have yet to identify. As impressive as this list is, it is still not all the wildflowers to be found in our forests in the spring. Many of the plants that grow here are medicinal and many of the old timers still can tell you how to use them.

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